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Crobar is looking for a Copywriter with experience concepting national ad campaigns and writing killer headlines who also has a deep understanding of content marketing, experience managing and implementing social media campaigns, and who enjoys the fine art of proofreading. This position is an exciting one because it provides an opportunity for the applicant to either perform a broad spectrum of tasks and responsibilities, or to hone in and carve out a niche for themselves in a specific area.

Everybody at Crobar wears a variety of hats, and even the most specialized folks here take on additional roles during busy times. The applicant who views these periods as exciting learning opportunities will have a fulfilling day-to-day experience and will find it impossible to get bored.


You will work with the Creative Director and Associate Creative Director to concept campaigns ideas, write headlines and marketing copy, and create copy for all other client work including, but not limited to:

• Print ads and digital media
• Ad campaigns
• Landing pages and websites
• Brochures
• Product catalogs
• Banner ads
• E-blasts
• Newsletters
• Websites


As the copywriter and proofreader, you will be aware of everything happening with the agency’s clients, and you will use that knowledge to create social media posts that coordinate strategically with our clients’ current and upcoming marketing efforts, ad campaigns, and product launches. An understanding of analytics and data-driven strategy is a plus. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Creating unique copy for each of the clients’ active social media platforms
• Choosing relevant images and working with our graphic designer to apply social media brand standards in the creation of all graphics
• Reviewing with AE, then posting to our task management system for client revisions and approval
• Communicating with client and fielding their revisions with the help of the AE
• Scheduling final, approved content to various platforms using Hootsuite and Oracle
• Being present for client product launches and big company events to capture social media assets in the moment for real-time sharing using Facebook Live and Instagram’s video functions
• Engaging as client through various platforms by liking and responding to comments, following relevant users, and making both professional connections and engaging high profile consumers
• Managing agency’s social media
• Maintaining agency’s LinkedIn
• Creating monthly blog posts for the agency in tandem with the social media strategy


In order to be an effective proofreader, you must be well-enough acquainted with the client work to be aware of all the work related to the account. Things change rapidly and you’re the one whose job it is to keep track of updates to product info. and the evolution of a client’s messaging. Additionally, you would also be proofing for formatting consistency, brand and product messaging, and of course, spelling and grammar. You will be proofreading all the items listed under Copywriting.

The Position could potentially include the following:


Work related to web content includes but is not limited to:

• Creating business-development materials for the agency
• Managing web content for clients, including but not limited to:
• Reviewing and uploading product information into back-end of websites, both consumer and dealer-facing
• Concepting ways to improve our clients’ online presence


As you begin to familiarize yourself with the above work, you will see that there is as much opportunity as you want, to manage various aspects of your own projects as well as to share accounts with our head AE’s – a great opportunity to learn to manage production and route jobs while balancing the production of your own creative work.


Please respond with your resume, a link to your book, specific samples from your portfolio, and a list of clients in the contact form below or to tkinley@crobarcreative.com