With the recent launch of the Biltmore collection, a collaborative effort with Fine Furniture Design, we had quite the undertaking on our hands – how do we effectively portray the feeling of graceful opulence felt when walking into the vast estate as it translates to the new furniture collection?

We started by drawing the correlations between the furniture and the well-known estate. First, the estate – the grandness and grace, innately inspired the furniture.

Next, the legend of the Vanderbilt family gave historical reference to a brand new collection. And finally, we knew we had to make the traditional new by telling the story of the two.

There is no better way to tell the Biltmore Fine Furniture collection story other than film. So we set out to create a video ad that didn’t just tell the story of the Biltmore furniture collection, but rather an ad that made the viewer feel as though they have just stepped back in time and are, themselves, inspired by this collection.

We want the viewer to have a visceral reaction – a goosebump-creating, smile-causing reaction.

Watch here:

Tell us: Did we succeed?