Paula Deen is a real treat to work with. Bright, funny and especially hard working. Her work ethic reminds me of Kevin Hart’s mantra before going on stage; “Everybody wants to be famous. Nobody wants to put the work in.” Believe me, she puts the work in. I have seen her arrive late from Vegas the night before an early TV shoot and arrive on set ready to go. She is as friendly off camera as she appears on camera. When we break for lunch she doesn’t go to another room, she eats with the crew, swapping stories about life, The View, and her chickens in the back yard.

She is what I call, “An Actualized Person.” There lies no space between who she is and the brand her fans love. She lives HER dream and is very comfortable in her own skin. She loves to have fun and it shows every time we work with her. I have worked with celebrities and high profile models that have attitudes as big as they think their bank accounts will buy them. When you work with Paula, she is part of the team and doesn’t need special attention, she’s a pro. After a TV shoot for Springer Mountain Farms she was concerned the extra chicken that was not used in the shoot would go to waste, she wanted to cook it all.

She is Paula Deen inside and out and she is one of my favorite people.