Many people have heard of and have formed opinions of the celebrity chef icon Paula Deen. What many people have not done is work with her, talk to her or get to know her. And, you know what? They are missing out!

Paula Deen is truly a joy to work with. She works hard and gets the job done, all while having a good time. Paula personifies the fact that people who have fun doing their jobs are more creative and more productive (Abramis). When working with Paula, time truly flies.

One of our recent endeavors with Ms. Deen took us to, where else but, the kitchen. As the celebrity spokeswoman for Springer Mountain Farms Chicken, Paula takes her job seriously… well, kinda. (She is known for her sense of humor, after all.)

Usually shot in only a couple takes, Paula nails her lines (with her own twist, y’all) but still finds the time to have fun. We believe it is the element of amusement that makes Paula’s personal brand so intriguing and inviting, and our work with her most appealing.

Take a look for yourself and be the judge: Does the fun we had with Paula come across on the screen?