In our process to unlock the perfect idea we use what we call a “Tissue Session.”
After we determine our clear marketing goals and have our tools, such as a Creative Brief, completed we use our Tissue Session to discover the best communicative idea. We don’t jump on a computer and start designing something. Instead we sit down with our Creative Brief, 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper and Sharpie markers and we think. We concept. During the initial stage we never say no, unless it’s off target to the Creative Brief. To make sure the idea “has legs,” it needs to have at least 3 ads and form a comprehensive campaign. Then we name the campaigns and present them one by one to our clients.

We know our clients appreciate being partners in the creative process. We become a team and they can see we are being good stewards of their budget dollars. Having a campaign in hand we now can start the design process.

Not only is this the most economical process, it also produces award winning advertising.