Though the days of Mad Men are long gone, some elements of advertising remain. Creating a great ad is not about the product placement or a hero shot, but rather, about the visceral response the ad stimulates within its viewer.

One recent campaign we created elicited an intrinsic reaction, based not on creating the product as the hero, but instead showed the viewer how it feels to own the product through artistic imagery. The campaign was for youth furniture brand, SmartStuff.

Containing three ads, each focusing on one of the four cornerstones of the SmartStuff philosophy, the ad campaign exuded a “too cool for school” attitude that personifies the brand.  And a very successful one, at that.

With keen images and an astute presence, the SmartStuff campaign produced by Crobar Creative Leverage is certainly one to be seen.

SS_ads3 SS_ads2 SS_ads