With the recent wave of reality TV shows, there’s a certain amount of spectacle that comes with it. The drama, the backstabbing, the drama.

But, what if we could take the best of the reality entertainment experience and apply it to advertising? After all, there’s much more potential to the genre than you’d think.

Check out The Great British Baking Show, for instance. Here’s a reality television series that brings all the spontaneity of reality/competition cooking shows, but goes easy on the spectacle. No fights, no sabotage, but it still quickens the pulse.

We took the same approach to a recent campaign that markets furniture by way of a reality-style video series. We call it The Designed Home:

The Designed Home is a group of designers and furniture manufacturers who have come together to bring life to the home furnishings and design industries by depicting real people with real stories designing spaces for living with great furniture.

On our website and social media outlets, you’ll see a range of content from do-it-yourself projects and design ideas we’ve found in the interior design community to video series we’ve produced showcasing great furniture and even better people.

After all, what is furniture without a great home? And what is a home without good people living well? We’re here to share that story.

The bedroom makeover giveaway series is launching episodically throughout December. But, here’s a teaser trailer to get your reality dose in the meantime.