Creative Leverage Podcast

Welcome to the Creative Leverage Podcast hosted by our founder and Executive Creative Director J. Todd Kinley. As our agency has grown from humble beginnings to a proven and respected digital launch agency, we have learned many invaluable lessons along the way. From creative marketing and communication, to the development and implementation of creative strategies, each individual involved in the process brings a unique and teachable perspective. Each week, we will sit down with one of these individuals to gain a better understanding of their experience and how they fit into the intricate puzzle of creation and strategy. The topics we will cover will benefit you whether you are a marketing director, a creative in a firm, a business owner, or simply someone looking to understand more about the creative process.

At Crobar, we believe everyone is creative — you just need to know how to unlock your own potential. In doing so, you will instantly enjoy the benefits it brings to your own life as well as your relationships both professionally and even personally. We are thrilled you are here on this journey with us. We hope you enjoy.


Podcast-Neil Mackenzie

How to be a Creative Marketing Director

My guest today is Universal Furniture’s Senior Vice President and Marketing Director Neil Mackenzie. Neil and I have worked together now for nearly 8 years and over that period of time, our teams have accomplished many goals together — including fully rebranding their company and all communication vehicles, growing their designer business, and starting a magazine — to name a few. Neil has been instrumental in Universal’s success in the last decade, and he is someone who I truly admire as a creative and effective marketing director. Today, I want to talk to Neil about what he has learned over the years that helps keep Universal (and himself, for that matter) growing in new and enticing ways.


A Career in Leadership Excellence

In Episode 2 of the Creative Leverage Podcast, meet Roger R. Pearman, Managing Partner of TalentTelligent, LLC, and a distinguished National Board-Certified Coach. With transformative leadership in sectors like finance, Roger pioneers evidence-based leadership development. As the author of the Pearman Personality Integrator and a leader at Leadership Performance Systems and TalentTelligent, his influence spans renowned entities like the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the U.S. Air Force. Discover Roger’s science-grounded approach, innovative publications, and accolades, delving into the keys to effective leadership. Visit for more insights into Roger’s impactful journey.

Meet The Host

J. Todd Kinley is a classic ad guy through and through. He caught the ad bug early in life, inspired by a Cracker Jack television commercial he saw when he was nine. Something just clicked in his mind right then and there, and by the time he was a freshman in college, he had begun his career as a graphic designer. Since then, he has worked in both large and small advertising agencies spanning from Ohio to Florida, finally settling in Greensboro, NC, where he purchased a partnership at a local agency.

Soon after in 2004, Crobar Creative Leverage was founded. Todd has evolved and expanded professionally over the years, morphing from graphic designer to art director, creative director, writer, photographer, director and strategist…all the way to agency founder. Throughout it all, he has pursued one, continuous quest: to uncover the best creative process along with problem-solving solutions at the highest level. He has seen plenty of businesses succeed with their approach to creative problem-solving and just as many who tie themselves in knots because of constant internal struggles. He has analyzed every one of these stories from multiple perspectives. The culmination of his knowledge and experience has been distilled into this podcast.

Todd fills the rest of his time making dining room tables, painting oil portraits and winning the occasional golf tournament. Of course, he shares one of his greatest joys in life with his wife: spending time with his two dogs plus her two dogs, which might be the city’s legal limit.

Founder | Executive Creative Director: Crobar Creative Leverage. Husband, Father, and Moose owner. Lover of art, photography, golf, and strategy.