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Case Studies, Home Furnishings

Art is Freedom

How five artists transformed an event at Neocon into a must-see event. During NeoCon, the commercial interior show in Chicago, Chicago artist Liz Flores expressed, “Art is Freedom” in an interview promoting our off-campus event. Milliken floor covering’s marketing team Sherry Dreger and Todd Van der Kruik orchestrated a unique experience, deviating from the norm. Read More…

Case Studies, Home Furnishings

The language of beautiful floors.

For Parador, we work to create communications for the European market. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with client divisions across Asia, the UK, and Australia, but our recent partnership with Parador marks our first venture into the European market. With Parador’s rich history in wood flooring since 1977, our weekly marketing calls now span Read More…

Case Studies, Digital Launches

Digital Launch Agency

One example of how we launch new products digitally to the designer and specifier markets featuring MDC Interior Solutions, Bolta Wall Coverings. MDC Interior Solutions market and sell products in multiple residential and commercial furnishings categories. All their products are beautiful, performance-based and have a design story to tell. Our job is to tell that Read More…

Case Studies, Contract Market

Out of thin air

Speeding up product launches by eight weeks with digitally-rendered room scenes. It would have been impossible for me to imagine where we are today with digital renders when I started my career. Even 5 years ago it seemed that the technology just would never catch up with our trained eyes. Now, I cannot tell one Read More…

Case Studies, Golf Industry

More than a pretty picture

Yamaha’s photography positions the car as a comfortable and superior ride. In high school, I wanted to be a photographer. I loved photographing sports action and what I later called “stolen moments” aka images of people living their lives as if the camera wasn’t there. But, I also wanted to write, direct movies, concept, have Read More…

Case Studies, Home Furnishings

The power of a new ViewMaster

Creating a beautiful website with a custom CMS. In 2009, newly-appointed Universal president Jeff Scheffer made it clear his website had to be one of the strongest components in his marketing toolbox. To make that happen we questioned everything, from how assets were created to how they were described. We knew we wanted the following: Read More…

Case Studies, Golf Industry

Now on the tee box.

Full disclosure: I love to play golf! I didn’t know the marketing director at Yamaha Golf Cars, but we did have a mutual friend through a competitor. As a golfer, you can imagine how excited I was when I got the call from him for the chance to work once again in a category that Read More…

Case Studies, Home Furnishings

Creating eye candy

Leveraging product launch assets to generate sales. Every few months we launch new products for Universal Furniture. Each launch is a big investment for many reasons, especially due to the assets needed to create the marketing, storytelling and promotion of the product. And, like all product launches, there is a sales cycle. The excitement of Read More…

Case Studies, Contract Market

We were floored

When we first started working with Milliken Floor Coverings in 2017, the brand was undergoing an initiative to bring more fashion-forward products to market. And fast! To achieve results, it was important for us to develop a strong relationship with all of the teammates. We spent days with the team trying to understand both their Read More…

Case Studies, Contract Market

Creating elegant marketing solutions

We developed a process to beautifully photograph over 200 Crypton images twice a year on time and on budget. As I write these case studies, I am reminded how often the agency comes up with creative solutions when confronted with what we internally call “roadblocks on the journey to our desired destination.” Elise at Crypton Read More…

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