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Leverage Opportunity. We're here to help you meet your goals by making the most of every opportunity. Creative thinking, applied to everything we do, is the force that drives our efforts toward excellence.


The Creative Leverage that we provide is the result of accurate analysis, solid planning, active imagining, sharp thinking, skillful execution and the attitude that great ideas don't come to those who wait, but to those with Creative Tenacity.

Core Values

Work with passion, intelligence and integrity. Make it lively, fun and inspiring. Take ownership of the objective with unrelenting Creative Tenacity. Do the heavy lifting required to reach your goals.
Crobar - The Creative Leverage to help with the heavy lifting of building your brand – and your bottom line.

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To us, Strategy & Branding are the most compelling parts of our business. While our process remains the same, we often say everything we do is a prototype. Every marketing solution is led by uncovering the specific obstacles and opportunities in a particular path. We leverage those with a holistic tactical passion to make sure all our marketing cylinders are beating in rhythm.

We then create ideas that give our clients Creative Leverage: The most elegant, cost effective solution possible.

We follow these rules:
• Know the customer.
• Know the goals.
• Never settle for the first solution.
• Always work to make the solution better.
• Check outside sources to make sure the message/solution resinates.
• Believe what the customer is telling you.
• Be nice and professional.

…just to name a few.

Customer Intimacy: We use our Best Guess survey to reveal your customer’s lifestyle.

Personality Profiles: Using traditional personality profiles, we are able to gain insights into your customer’s way of thinking.

Brand Studies: We tap into our creativity to hone your brand toward your brand goals.

Vision Planning: From sales to products, we implement creative strategies to discover your customer’s shopping and lifestyle habits.

Vision Boards: By using visual charrettes, we enable the shareholders to implement the brand vision.

Holistic Visioning: Here is where we close all gaps with your internal and external staff to ensure brand purity.

Detail Visual: From business cards to shipping labels, everything ties together.

These days it is easy to get lost in the latest shiny object, especially in the digital era. We make sure you have your bases covered and are performing at your highest level in ALL marketing endeavors. While we wink (or like) the latest technology, we keep our eye on the marketing ball.

Here are a few important details when it comes to designing and developing digital solutions:
• Stay focused on the objectives.
• Don’t overdesign.
• Keep the consumer close to home.
• Provide usable content.
• Keep in touch with consumers.

Websites: Whether you’re into .net, WordPress or ecommerce, we’ve got you covered.

Landing Pages: Need to track your lastest interactive media buy? We can set up what you need to track your traffic.

Banner Ads: Flash or static JPEG, we create and place all types of web ads.

Email: We can send out a monthly newsletter, new product updates or cross pollinate a customer purchase.

Social: Got friends? Need friends? We can build a campaign tailored to your needs.

Media Planning/Buying: It’s a new digital world out there but the process to find your audience, negotiate rates, create insertion orders and track progress remains the same.

Be pretty. Be strong. Be… what your brand desires.

Design must follow the form envisioned by the Strategy & Branding process.

Many people think an apple with a bite out of it is branding. It’s not. It’s a great design that MATCHES Apple computer’s strategy. They take complicated programming and processes and simplify them. A clean, simple logo design matches that strategy.

Design form follows function.

We work hard to make sure our designs are in alignment with a company’s or product’s goals and objectives. We want the design to draw you in and make you stay. Whether it’s a logo, showroom, or your website, we want our design to be as compelling as your products or services are.

Packaging: Whether it’s redesigning your existing package or thinking outside the box, we can do it.

We think our design is special and spacial, regardless of your space.

Promotion T-shirts, hats, or whatever you need, we can get it done.

We have designed many logos, some you have probably seen.

Design on!

If Strategy & Branding is where we start, and Design is where we match our look and our goals, ADVERTISING is where it all comes together. Whether it is a TV spot, web banner or print ad, the entire company, product or service comes to light. It draws you in with compelling visuals, stimulating copy and clear call to action.

Print Ads: We take great pride in the quality of our print, taking care of the big picture and the fine details.

 The key is to start with a great idea and make sure it is well executed. The directors and producers we work with make us, and you, look good.

The digital era has put global voice-over talent at our finger tips; we are scanning the globe presently.

Banner Ads:
We treat our creative here similar to our print ads – big ideas and top quality.

Media Planning:
Using the latest media software, we find your audience the most cost effective way possible.

Media Buying:
If advertising is art, then this stage is the art of negotiating, placing and monitoring.

Our ability to manage the entirety of the film production (from script to edit) saves time, money, and ultimately makes the end product more creative and better synced with the brand. We’ve produced brand videos, TV spots, product videos, and reality home makeover series, to name a few.

Concept design: We start by dreaming up ideas that wow. Some sink, some fly. You end up with the best.

Script writing: Our creative team puts pen to pad to create copy that comes alive on screen.

Set design: Our designers identify locations and build sets that maximize investment and limit costs.

Videography: From exhilarating drone footage and beautiful jib work, to on-the-fly reality-style cinematography, we have the gear and the talent to capture the perfect scene.

Audio engineering: Sure, we can fix it in post, but we make certain to get great sound at the source using our gear.

Post production: We’ve got our own video lab where content gets loved until it’s soup.

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