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Bringing a brand to life

For Crypton, we design their showroom AND their customer’s.

The impressive thing about how Elise runs the Crypton marketing, both for residential and commercial, is the relationships she builds with her customer’s audience. Crypton has carved out a niche of beautiful, highly performing fabric backed by national advertising and precise local retail marketing.

One of the things we do for Crypton is their showroom and often spaces within their customer’s showrooms. In doing this, we leverage over 20 years of designing showroom communication experience to create freely with our clients knowing we will be able to manage the project from start to finish.

A recent showroom design for Crypton shows off their social media prowess. We created wallpaper that shows real Instagram posts with comments, so you can walk up to any spot on the wall and see how consumers are sharing their love for Crypton’s fabric in their home. Crypton’s customers loved it so much that we were asked to replicate the concept for them in their own showrooms.

For us, the joy is working with such a tightly run marketing team. We reap the benefit of Crypton’s grateful customers. After all, our agency runs on enthusiastic clients.

The result is a living, breathing brand experience that continues to galvanize loyalty among Crypton’s customers.

Leveraged Creative:
• Account supervision
• Creative direction
• Copywriting
• Art direction
• Graphic design
• Project management

Since its 1993 launch, the firm’s flagship product, Crypton Fabric, has revolutionized the use of woven fabrics in the healthcare, hospitality, government, education and contract design segments. Crypton Home® is a leader in the residential markets and is proudly offered by hundreds of national retailers. Inspired by its auspicious origins in nanotechnology, Crypton Nanotex® offers flexible solutions for textiles used in the apparel and contract markets. The most recent Crypton product innovations include home and contract performance fabrics for Europe that meet the continent’s strict Fire Rating codes; advanced IMO technology for marine applications; Crypton Epure, the world’s first solvent-free environmental polyurethane and Crypton Performance Cotton, the first performance fabrics made with 50-70% recycled cotton.

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