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Creating eye candy

Leveraging product launch assets to generate sales.

Every few months we launch new products for Universal Furniture. Each launch is a big investment for many reasons, especially due to the assets needed to create the marketing, storytelling and promotion of the product. And, like all product launches, there is a sales cycle. The excitement of each launch can last for six to twelve months because new product is constantly being introduced.

This time, we were challenged to create a new tactic to reintroduce products that were selling well but could be selling even better. While email marketing, promotions and social media were all working, we still wanted more — can you relate?

A few years prior to creating this new tactic, we had rebranded Universal to “Explore Home.” This new positioning allowed us to better connect to our growing interior designer market.

This is how the idea for the Explore Home magazine came about. This magazine was a natural vehicle to create sales for a previously launched product. After all, the assets and storytelling were already there and in hand. We decided to also mix in stories from designers and even ads from fabric and leather partners, which helped to pay for the printing and mailing of the mag.

The real story here is a long history of partnership that allowed us to continue to grow the brand. The magazine sales tool is only possible with all of the prior steps the teams had already taken. From better photography to more fashion-forward product, to better graphic brand standards, to a commitment to digital marketing and the collection of a robust data base to better relationships to the buyers. All of these efforts formed a direct and easy line to creating a direct mail magazine that leveraged all the above to re-excite the designers and buyers.

As a result, Universal Furniture continues to see a significant sales bump with each issue execution. Since our first issue, we have continued to increase the publication because we continue to ROI.

Leveraged Creative:
• Strategic planning
• Executive creative direction
• Account supervision
• Art direction
• Copywriting
• Graphic design

Universal Furniture designs, manufactures, markets and delivers home furnishings that are good, affordable and smartly designed to retailers and interior designers.

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