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Unraveling and Redefining a Brand

International Textile Alliance

If you have ever sunken into your favorite sofa after a long day and felt the comfort of the fabric against your skin, you can certainly relate to our passion for home furnishings – especially fabrics. It is safe to say we were excited to work with the International Textile Alliance and their worldwide membership to rebrand all of their communications.

When you interview the members about their business, their passions are contagious. From that point on, we know there will be gorgeous images to create and share and inspiring stories to write. So our mission was to create a brand that celebrates this unique love of the textile and leather industries.

We renamed their twice-annual show and developed the graphic standards for the brand. A brand sizzle video to excite all of the shareholders soon followed. Using the time at the show, we interviewed members and attendees to be later used for social media and email campaigns. At the same time, we created a new website that included membership ad space to purchase. In addition, ITA has a magazine that we took on and recreated from scratch. See our INTERWOVEN MAGAZINE case study for more information.

As a result, ITA added more members and increased the show attendance. Additionally, we had record ad sales for the last two publications.

Leveraged Creative:
• Renamed and rebranded the show
• Rebranded the magazine
• Redesigned and programmed the website
• Magazine ad sales structure
• Rebranded the magazine editorial content
• Photography
• Videography
• Social media campaign
• Email campaign
• Creative direction
• Signage management

International Textile Alliance is a membership of fabric and leather manufacturers that come together twice a year and produce a show and magazine to showcase their new product launches to manufacturer buyers.

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