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More than a pretty picture

Yamaha’s photography positions the car as a comfortable and superior ride.

In high school, I wanted to be a photographer. I loved photographing sports action and what I later called “stolen moments” aka images of people living their lives as if the camera wasn’t there. But, I also wanted to write, direct movies, concept, have my own magazine and own my own company. Then, I discovered a career where all my passions could come to life in one. Advertising — specifically creating communications for makers of products. There is nothing (to me) more rewarding than working with a company entrepreneur to create strategic communication that grows the brand.

So, for me, Yamaha Golf Cars has allowed us to execute so many of the agency’s passions as well as my own. We will shoot on location for a week with two photography teams and a video team. Fortunately for me, the Crobar team has (sometimes)  allowed me to be one of the shooters. The goal of these shoots is to collect as many marketing assets as we can from sunup to sundown.

The photography itself is just the beginning. Our internal team has become brilliant at processing the digital assets, adjusting a tree line or extending turf to fit a need. They make sure the sky is blue and the grass is green. If we love the shot but the car is brown, no worries! What color does it need to be? We can do it.

We have built a dynamic team on both our side and theirs. When you can finish each other’s thoughts, you know you have something special. Together, every image we select proves that Yamaha Golf Car is a comfortable and superior ride.

Having in-house photography and videography helps us to better serve the needs of Yamaha Golf Cars with flexibility, budget and timing.

Leveraged Creative:
• Account supervision
• Art direction
• Photography
• Videography

The Yamaha Golf-Car Company builds from the 60-plus-year legacy of the Yamaha brand to manufacture the most innovatively engineered and highest quality golf, utility, and specialty vehicles in the golf industry. Yamaha Golf-Car Company is headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia with assembly and production of all cars taking place at our Newnan, Georgia production facility. Yamaha was the first to develop Electronic Fuel Injection technology in a golf car (producing the best gas mileage and smallest carbon footprint); the first golf car with fully independent, four-wheel suspension (producing the smoothest ride in the game); and the first gas-powered car that is almost as quiet as an electric one.

Todd Kinley

J. Todd Kinley

Founder | Executive Creative Director: Crobar Creative Leverage. Husband, Father, and Moose owner. Lover of art, photography, golf, and strategy. Follow me: