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Email Marketing to high-end designers

Nobody loves great-looking products more than Gary, Dan and David at MDC Interior Solutions. Not only have they worked together most of their careers, but they have done it at the same company. But, that is a story for another time. I mention it now because in a third-party survey recently conducted, MDC was found to be the most trusted supplier (among other accolades) by customers in their category. And, these individuals are the reason why!

Sometimes when we start working with companies there are obstacles to overcome before we can fully market the products — that was not the case here. We had a green light from the beginning to communicate all the benefits of the products, from the beautiful aesthetic to the industry-leading performance qualities. The story of a valuable partner was baked right in. This creative freedom allotted by their team allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in a celebration of design.

One strategic marketing decision we made early on was to cross-pollinate all their categories in our communications. When we talk about Architectural Panels or Thom Filicia’s latest MDC designs, we remind the audience of all the offerings, too. That is precisely what makes MDC a one stop shop for all interior needs.

The email marketing needed to be simple, clean, sophisticated and informative. The key word here is restraint. We didn’t want to visually overstimulate the designers that are browsing through products all day every day. We wanted to create a safe palette to shop the products with ease.

As a result, MDC has increased designer traffic to their site and leads to their sales reps.

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MDC is a single source, total solution for interior finishes. Defined by a trusted team of experts, high-style design, and a vast portfolio blending form function, we enrich spaces with decorative wallcoverings, digital imaging, acoustic solutions, specialty effects, and more.

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