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Left-brainers and right-brainers

A brand positioning sizzle video, Milliken Floor Covering

When a group of people that think creatively work with a manufacturer that thinks in terms of engineering, having a conversation about external communications doesn’t exactly come easily. That is, until two hired creative guns join their team. Until then, our agency’s main point of contact and marketing decision-maker was a brilliant scientist/engineer/mathematician. So, you can imagine our conversations about branding and style were lost in translation, resulting with us often talking past each other.

The video highlighted in this case study is an example of how understanding everyone’s superpower can be leveraged. Milliken Floor Covering manufacturing requires scientists, engineers and mathematicians to manufacture technologically superior products. But, the company also needs those crazy creative people to sell their products to their audience, mainly interior designers, who also are creative thinkers.

The result of this process was driven by the magic that happens when all types of thinkers come together to produce something spectacular. The video resets the Milliken Floor Coverings brand from a single “engineering” point of view to a powerhouse of left-brain and right-brain thinkers.

As a result, Milliken Floor Covering has created an elevated communication baseline for internal and external viewers.

Leveraged Creative:
• Video production
• Video editing
• Photography
• Creative Direction
• Script

Milliken Floor Covering (a division of Milliken) is an international company that produces commercial and residential carpet and LVT for various markets.

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