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Out of thin air

Speeding up product launches by eight weeks with digitally-rendered room scenes.

It would have been impossible for me to imagine where we are today with digital renders when I started my career. Even 5 years ago it seemed that the technology just would never catch up with our trained eyes. Now, I cannot tell one of our digitally-created room scenes from a real photograph. With the help of AI filling in the visual blanks (not to mention lightning-fast processing speeds and better interface languages), we have developed a solid process to visually represent products before they are actually produced. Because manufacturers have their production lines fulfilling orders, our digital process has allowed clients to develop products without interfering with manufacturing timelines.

The time and money we save is substantial. For instance, for Milliken we cut eight weeks out of their product launches and for MDC we delivered over one hundred products that would have taken months for samples to be produced, delivered, and photographed.

The result is a digital rendering process that can use design CAD files to produce realistic room scenes, saving both valuable time and money.

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Todd Kinley

J. Todd Kinley

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