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Building and executing a media plan for High Point Market with proven results.

When we took on the challenge of creating and running the advertising for the High Point Market, one mission was clear: to make the spend accountable with 80% of the tactics needing to be trackable. But, that wasn’t our only goal. We also wanted to make sure we responded to the messages that were working while eliminating those that weren’t.

The budget included traditional trade publications, as well as site retargeting and site conquesting. Social media buys such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest were all used in the campaign.

We ran Google Pay Per Click with 15 keywords that we adapted and edited as the campaign ran.

Digital advertising allowed us to segment regions we see as vital to market attendance.

Antiques at the High Point Market have become a big draw, so we also decided to include antique buyers in our digital buy.

Even though my career has been on the creative side, my media buying team has always completely awed me and especially during this project. It was awesome to see the number of audiences we reached to hit in to the millions.

Our agency runs on a balance of left-brain analytical thinkers and right-brain creative minds — that is what makes working at Crobar so exciting, fulfilling and fun. #bestjobever

The result is almost every ad outperformed estimated/projected reach numbers. We were able to see exactly what our audience responded to while simultaneously adjusting and resubmitting to optimize results.

Leveraged Creative:
• Media planning
• Media buying
• Account service

The High Point Market, held in High Point, North Carolina, is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, with over 10 million square feet by roughly 2000 exhibitors

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