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Digital Launch Agency

One example of how we launch new products digitally to the designer and specifier markets featuring MDC Interior Solutions, Bolta Wall Coverings.

MDC Interior Solutions market and sell products in multiple residential and commercial furnishings categories. All their products are beautiful, performance-based and have a design story to tell. Our job is to tell that story. While we cut our teeth in print marketing, most of our tactics are now digital, except for the ones that still need those tactile communications such as architect folders, sample labels and direct mail.

One of my favorite MDC product launches came while we were in the midst of rebranding all of their communications. It was for the Bolta wallcoverings. They had just rolled out new products, and the designs were spectacular with three edgy design categories — Raw, Bold and Glam. We know designers need constant visual inspiration and love to be entertained with design ideas. So, our communications needed to convey energy and excitement from the videos, social media, email marketing, website and even the print box with the samples.

Smart, sophisticated, clean, modern and graphically exciting was the communication charge on the creative brief. I am proud of the team’s ability to run two tracks at the same time.

The result is an exciting and refreshing product launch that grabbed the attention of the designer and specifier markets.

Leveraged Creative:
• Rebrand all graphics
• Redesigned the website
• Advertising campaign
• Signage
• Social media campaign
• Email marketing
• Creative direction
• Photography
• Videography

Todd Kinley

J. Todd Kinley

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