Month: June 2020

Case Studies, Digital Launches

Crypton Home Co-Branding Campaign


With the cancellation of High Point Market this spring, our client Crypton Home was presented with a very unique challenge: how can they promote their new fabrics when their customers would not have the chance to see them in person (and in action)? With this scenario at hand, our agency was tasked with creating clever ways to think outside the tradeshow box.


Together with Crypton, we began to form a new plan that would be just as effective, if not more so, than the traditional tradeshow experience. The result was the creation of a bundle of valuable assets, or “co-branded” materials for Crypton’s top furniture manufacturers. This assortment of media materials was then provided to each partner to use to cross promote their brand as well as Crypton on their social media channels, through emails, and more.

Read on to learn more about what the co-branding materials emphasized as well as other overall tactics we implemented to create a worthwhile experience for Crypton and their customer base.


Create Co-Branded Photography & Video Assets to Build Relationships
In order to get Crypton’s new, never-before-seen fabrics in front of the customer, updated photography was essential to making this happen. Each of Crypton’s manufacturers offer a unique assortment of patterns and colorways, which required a series of different image bundles for each partner. In order to capture these varying ranges, we set up a mini photoshoot for each of Crypton’s top partners. During these photoshoots, a total of approximately 300 different fabrics were photographed.

These shoots were first used to capture spill scenes, showcasing the performance fabric features that would normally be demonstrated in person at High Point Market. Beyond the spill scenes, we also composed a series of flat lays and stacked fabric shots designed to be used for a variety of applications, including social media pages, emails, or other traditional advertising routes.

All of the photography was captured in our in-house studio by a small team adhering to social distancing standards.

In addition to the new photography assets we made for Crypton, we also captured high quality video of each individual set-up. From this, we were able to create a customized co-branded video for each specific partner. These videos assets were then used to create a series of moving GIFs featuring different types of spills followed by clean-up. “Spills” included everything from unwanted crayon drawings, to spaghetti sauce, to a toppling kid’s sippy cup. Each GIF video featured a spill scenario followed by the proof that Crypton could handle each and every mess.

Package Sharable Content at the Click of a Button
After the creation of the photography and video assets, we decided to take our strategy one step further and create personalized e-blasts using a series of curated images for each of Crypton’s top partners. This way, each partner would have fully conceptualized and designed e-mails co-branded with their logo and custom assets. This bundle of digital marketing “goodies” were polished and ready to be sent out or posted at any time, making this cross promotion campaign effortless for their partners.

The combination of all of these assets yielded a well-rounded marketing approach that digitally took the place of the cancelled tradeshow market. With these tactics, Crypton was able to maintain their relationships with key partners in a way that was seamless, quick, and thoughtful.


Several weeks after the co-branded materials were packaged and sent out, our team sat down with Elise Gabrielson, Marketing Director for Crypton Home. When asked her opinion on the impact of this new digital marketing tool, Elise replied, “All of our partners were so excited to receive them. Some of the top manufacturers in the United States were so grateful that we took the time to do this at a time when everyone was kind of scrambling. We were able to come to the table with custom solutions for brands without even being asked, and that definitely put us in a new light.”

Elise continued, “We used Dropbox Showcase to send our co-branded materials out to the manufacturers. This program lets you view the number of views and downloads a link receives. Every custom Dropbox link was viewed over 500 times and some links even received over 1,000 unique downloads.”

When we asked Elise if Crypton Home planned to integrate a more digital angle in the future with strategies such as co-branded materials, she said “Definitely. After the success of this, this is going to be another added package we offer; it will be an additional layer of our marketing strategy.”