Month: February 2019

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The foundation of all prolific creative thinkers? Making a list.

“Make a list and check it the same time every day. That way, your mind can be free to work and solve problems,” and in my case, create. My grandfather is the one who imbued me with this very wisdom when I was young. And ever since then, I have done exactly that. Not because I Read More…

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Kids Aren’t Kids Anymore: Marketing to Generation Z and Millennials

“Kids aren’t kids anymore,” said our client, the president of a manufacturer. We were discussing a business category that is vanishing. There are no longer kids… at least as we once knew them. I know what you’re thinking, and yeah, it’s over the top. But, for a good reason. We all need to go to Read More…

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With the right team, you can make SEO beautiful

Recently, we gathered around our conference table to discuss steps to improve our client’s website SEO. It was a large meeting: the Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Web Manager, Merchandiser, Creative Director, Account Executive, Creative Writer, Social Media Writer, Senior Programmer, Project Programmer and me. I was reminded that with the right team you can make SEO beautiful. Read More…