Month: March 2024

Case Studies, Home Furnishings

The language of beautiful floors.

For Parador, we work to create communications for the European market.

We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with client divisions across Asia, the UK, and Australia, but our recent partnership with Parador marks our first venture into the European market. With Parador’s rich history in wood flooring since 1977, our weekly marketing calls now span multiple time zones, showcasing our global reach. However, what truly sets us apart is the exceptional individuals we collaborate with. Our clients, like Parador, are not just business partners; they’re dedicated, intelligent, and passionate about delivering impactful work.

Our latest project may not be groundbreaking, but it underscores our core mission. Collaborating closely with clients such as Parador, our goal is to launch products that resonate with customers. We strive to create communications that are not only relevant and sophisticated but also visually appealing. To achieve this seamlessly, we prioritize understanding our clients’ needs and connecting with their target audience. At the heart of it, we’re in the business of people, and regardless of language barriers, everyone appreciates beautiful products.

Recently, we developed social media ads for Parador within a tight timeframe, and our initial round of creatives was met with approval. The campaign yielded successful results, but more importantly, it was a testament to the enjoyable collaboration between our teams, producing visually stunning communications for an equally impressive product.

By the way, the ad translated to English reads, “Free delivery on all parquet floors.”

Ultimately, the outcome extends beyond success metrics; it encompasses acquiring cultural insights, enriching our ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences worldwide.”

Leveraged Creative:
• Leveraging Ai translations
• Graphic design
• Creative direction
• Copywriting
• Account service