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With the right team, you can make SEO beautiful

Recently, we gathered around our conference table to discuss steps to improve our client’s website SEO. It was a large meeting: the Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Web Manager, Merchandiser, Creative Director, Account Executive, Creative Writer, Social Media Writer, Senior Programmer, Project Programmer and me. I was reminded that with the right team you can make SEO beautiful. Read More…

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Social Relationships, Built to Last

YOUR BEST FRIEND always answers the phone when you call. He supports your ventures, celebrates your accomplishments, and gives you positive feedback on almost anything you share. And then one day, out of the blue, he doesn’t answer. And the next day, he doesn’t respond to your text. And you later find out it’s because you Read More…

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Selling Experiences

Just as quickly as the internet connects us, it works to disconnect us. Communication is brief and underwhelming, emails are much more common than phone calls, and it is becoming easier every day to avoid connecting with each other at a deep level. And yet, we crave deep connection. We crave meaning. We crave community. Read More…