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More than a pretty picture

Yamaha’s photography positions the car as a comfortable and superior ride. In high school, I wanted to be a photographer. I loved photographing sports action and what I later called “stolen moments” aka images of people living their lives as if the camera wasn’t there. But, I also wanted to write, direct movies, concept, have Read More…

Case Studies, Golf Industry

Now on the tee box.

Full disclosure: I love to play golf! I didn’t know the marketing director at Yamaha Golf Cars, but we did have a mutual friend through a competitor. As a golfer, you can imagine how excited I was when I got the call from him for the chance to work once again in a category that Read More…

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Creating a successful marketing campaign for the golf industry

Marketing to the golf industry and creating a successful campaign is not hard! PLAYING golf is hard! My buddies and I say “Oh well, golf is hard” when one of us is in trouble. Like behind a tree. Wait, the double hit trick will get around the tree now. It isn’t like basketball where there Read More…

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Reinvent your company, add a Lifshitz

The golf industry is filled with manufacturers that struggle to stand out in the market and with their customers. SELL, SELL, SELL they yell. Like FORE on a golf course, it is a signal that someone could get hit… usually the marketing director and the ad agency. I remember reading an interview many years ago Read More…

Areas of Expertise, Golf Industry, Stories

A lesson in self-inflicted wounds

My friend is going through a rough period with his golf game. He is a low handicapper with a great short game. For the last five months, he has lost all confidence off the tee. He is a spirited fellow (he has been known to throw a club) that likes to play competitively. He has Read More…