Month: December 2018

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A workplace wellness program for hoomans

“Please put a dog in a room scene.” I go way back with the person I was speaking with – two different contract companies back, in fact. Now we both work for the same manufacturer, she as a sales rep and I as the agency creative helping to launch products. She was and is still Read More…

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Use emotion to soften metal

The clicks of the shutter seemed to go on forever. I was sure I counted more than 36 frames. Not long ago before digital photography had perfected the film look you could buy 12 or 36 exposure film. I wasn’t sure what this photographer from Boston was using because he had exceeded the limit. Our Read More…

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Your advertising agency should leverage Instagram marketing

Early in my advertising agency days, I remember whipping out my first generation Palm PDA (personal digital assistant) to check my schedule. It was around the time the agency I was working with was spitting out “furniture circulars.” For those that have no idea what I am talking about, circulars were sales flyers co-oped with Read More…

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Reinvent your company, add a Lifshitz

The golf industry is filled with manufacturers that struggle to stand out in the market and with their customers. SELL, SELL, SELL they yell. Like FORE on a golf course, it is a signal that someone could get hit… usually the marketing director and the ad agency. I remember reading an interview many years ago Read More…