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Creating elegant marketing solutions

We developed a process to beautifully photograph over 200 Crypton images twice a year on time and on budget.

As I write these case studies, I am reminded how often the agency comes up with creative solutions when confronted with what we internally call “roadblocks on the journey to our desired destination.”

Elise at Crypton is a big thinker — she has a keen marketing instinct that is fun for our team to work with. When she first came to us, she had ideas she needed to turn her attention to and wanted a partner to handle Crypton’s day-to-day marketing needs. Her asks were as follows:

• Take 200 plus images twice a year (within a budget)
• Create a 1 to 1 scale for the overhead photography of the products for digital repeat mapping of upholstery in a 3D environment
• Create “beauty hero shots” to show off each collection
• Tell a unique story for each collection
• Communicate that story in email marketing and social media
• Deliver customer-specific creative for their marketing teams
• Design and install multiple showroom graphics for shows

While this is not a list we are unfamiliar with, there were still several factors that needed either a process created or a creative solution. Creating the proper fabric repeats in a digital environment, for example, was one of the processes that needed the most finetuning. We needed to organize a way to do this on a large scale and within a certain budget. This was an especially tedious process because if the repeats were not properly aligned or the scale was off, it would show up in the final product. Luckily, because we have our own photography studio, we were able to create a space to handle this request. Using rulers, grids and finally with a photoshop template, we were able to test the alignment to eventually achieve our goal.

The other solution needed was a way to shoot fabric overheads quickly and consistently while showing off texture with a pleasant amount of light and shadow. Texture is obviously very important for fabric buyers to see, so we had to capture this accurately. To our rescue was Jua, our Associate Creative Director on Joy’s team. Over one weekend, Jua and her husband created a rig that allowed the fabric to be inserted quickly and efficiently, allowing us to obtain the desired effect.

These are two great examples of problem solving in a creative way to reach a desired outcome and wow, are the images impressive! Plus, this story goes to show how amazing our Crobar employees are, too. We all go to great lengths to get the job done.

The result is a system that can deliver high-end creative products on budget and on time which allows our team and the Crypton team to focus on bigger marketing projects that ultimately grow the business.

Leveraged Creative:
• Account supervision
• Art direction
• Photography
• Videography

Since its 1993 launch, the firm’s flagship product, Crypton Fabric, has revolutionized the use of woven fabrics in the healthcare, hospitality, government, education and contract design segments. Crypton Home® is a leader in the residential markets and is proudly offered by hundreds of national retailers. Inspired by its auspicious origins in nanotechnology, Crypton Nanotex® offers flexible solutions for textiles used in the apparel and contract markets. The most recent Crypton product innovations include home and contract performance fabrics for Europe that meet the continent’s strict Fire Rating codes; advanced IMO technology for marine applications; Crypton Epure, the world’s first solvent-free environmental polyurethane and Crypton Performance Cotton, the first performance fabrics made with 50-70% recycled cotton.

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