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A workplace wellness program for hoomans

“Please put a dog in a room scene.”

I go way back with the person I was speaking with – two different contract companies back, in fact. Now we both work for the same manufacturer, she as a sales rep and I as the agency creative helping to launch products. She was and is still passionate about marketing.

“People are bringing their dogs to work,” she said.

The workplace wellness trend she was seeing in the contract world was real, and it hit home for me too. I inherited my daughter’s Goldendoodle. To be fair, the dog and I became best friends. There was nothing she could do. But, don’t worry, she has a German Shepherd now.

The old saying in advertising is to put a baby or dog in the shot and consumers are guaranteed to love it. Now, the reality is to bring your young kids to work if you need to, and by all means, bring your (well-behaved) dog too. At Crobar, we also have several employees that bring their dogs to the office, and it does make a difference. The work environment feels friendly and fun.

I too participate in the bring-your-dog-to-work trend. Moose, my dog, accompanies me to the office on days I can afford a little more time with him. Now, for instance, I just heard him make a deep sigh behind me. Getting a few extra walks in during the workday doesn’t hurt either.

For this hooman, Moose is my workplace wellness program and the benefits are real.

Moose has traveled with me to studio photoshoots out of town and has starred in some editorial shots as well. It has become a trend with us, and now product designers that show up at the shoot bring their dogs. The editorial shots we take make my friend (the sales rep) very happy. She can use the images with the pups to relate to her clients and start a conversation that leads to introducing new products. Of course, they are great for social media, too.

After all, who doesn’t like a baby or a dog in an ad?

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Photo Credit: ©2018 Crobar | Creative Leverage • Location: Atlanta, GA • Purpose: Product shoot for a floor covering manufacturer, editorial outtake : )

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